Synchronisation systems at the filling machine

Sstemi di sincronismo alla riempitrice

In order to meet the requirements of handling bottles unsuitable for accumulation, to optimise the efficiency of the filling machine or to be able to modulate the filling of different products in the same filling phase at varying percentages, KYKLOO has introduced different synchronisation systems to the filling machine for all its unscramblers:

  • Punctual system: between the filling machine and the unscrambler there is a 1:1 ratio with the possibility of selecting the filling heads and excluding the individual bottle attributed.
  • Micro-buffer system: a micro-puffer of a few units of bottles is generated at minimum speed and spacing so as not to put the bottles under pressure. The unscrambler also changes its speed considerably to optimise product inflow.
  • Both systems can also be equipped with resynchronisation systems with the filler’s pitch devices, such as prongs, stars or augers.