Kykloo monoblocks

Simply revolutionary

Innovative system for the unscrambling, orientation and puck insertion of plastic containers.*


*of any type.

Ideas and Solutions

Definitive solutions to the limitations and the problems of the traditional unscrambling, orientation and PUCK insertion systems


FULLY ELECTRONIC CONTROL : Movement of the bottle within the machine, managed by completely power-assisted mechanical systems.

SMALL FOOTPRINT : Innovative technology applied to machine development

NO LOW COST PARTS : Usage of highest quality components



  • No format changeover parts
  • Performance close to 100%
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Contained machine footprint
  • Scratch-proof system for pre printed or pre sleeved containers
  • No compressed air usage

More than 30 patent claims

The technological innovation introduced by Kykloo is covered by a substantial number of national and international patent claims

Maximum versatility


Kykloo monoblocks are able to manage all types of open or closed pucks available on the market, with loose or precise container insertion, using an innovative centring system, whole work without abandoning their production on the same line.


Pucks fed to the monoblock are arranged so as to avoid pucks coming out without a bottle.


Obviously, a monoblock supplied to unscramble and orientate can be easily upgraded even afterwards with optional modules to provide for "puck insertion".

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KYKLOO: the closing of the circle

translated from ancient Greek, "κυκλόω" (kykloo) means "to encircle".

Kykloo came from ideas generated by the analysis of customer requirements by means of which, by using and developing high-level technology, it is possible to exceed the traditional limitations and promote the processes relating to "modern marketing."

If you have an idea or a need, Kykloo is the closing of the circle.

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Till now, how were these lines designed?

The manufacturers have always dealt with the operations to be done on the bottle in a sequential manner on different parts of the machine or on the line itself: they are composed of several systems linked through synchronisation devices.

The disadvantages

For the customer, all of this means

  • Huge problems related to the dimensions of the system
  • Additional equipment and more machine stopping points

This is how Kykloo redesigned the system.

Kykloo started with the analysis of customer needs and, by using and developing high-level technology, has designed a new modular system that exceeds the traditional limitations by promoting the production processes related to modern marketing

  • Performance close to 100%
  • No format changeover parts
  • Completely power-assisted movements
  • Continuously controlled and delicate handling of the containers
  • Contained space
  • Reduced energy consumption


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Insertion in puck

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Traditional Unscrambling


The basic concepts of TRADITIONAL UNSCRAMBLING consist of two operations, namely:

  • Load the bottles in the compartments of a carousel
  • Use devices that, according to the bottle geometry, allow to position the centre of gravity in a way that affects the trajectory of falling


The problems related to these points are:

  • Bottles scratched by high linear speeds and high falls
  • Heavy use of compressed air and therefore high noise levels
  • Low efficiency and therefore many empty channels
  • Need of format changes or dedicated lines even in case of a few millimetres of difference between the bottles

Unscrambling according to Kykloo


The bottles are aligned in the centrifugal distributor. The operation is performed at low linear speed and without collisions with selecting obstacles.

  • Guaranteed collation to maximize performance
  • Delicate handling without compressed air usage
  • Capability to work on pre-printed or pre-labelled bottles


The aligned bottles are synchronized with the carousel. During this operation, the bottles are checked before carrying out subsequent operations

  • Possibility of feeding each station in a controlled manner
  • Possibility of recognizing and discarding non-compliant containers and of managing the gap before the following steps.


The bottles in each station are arranged through an electronically controlled continuous variation of the support geometry. The operation is carried out at low speed, with long cycle timings and limited movement of the bottle without ever losing control.

  • No format changeover parts for a wide range of containers
  • Possibility of completely expanding the range of containers processed through automatic devices
  • The non-compliant bottles are discarded without any additional handling

Traditional Orientation


The basic concepts of the traditional orientation are:

  • Steady bottles and/or bottles with suitable necks aree transfered to linear devices
  • bottles to be oriented are transfered to a carousel by dedicated mechanical devices


The limits related to these points are essentially:

  • Really high customization of the systems
  • Production affected by the gaps left by the unscrambler
  • Instability in the reading of the control points

Orientation according to Kykloo


The unscrambled bottles are driven by the orientation device and, depending on the analysis carried out on the synchronization group, are correctly orientated. Upon completion, the bottle is ready for output on a conveyor or for subsequent insertion within the puck.

  • No format changeover parts
  • No transfering devices between the stations
  • Slow power-assisted movements due to the use of the entire second round of the carousel

Traditional puck insertion


  • Dedicated systems with large dimensions and costs
  • Difficulties in working on the same line formats with or without puck
  • Necessity to provide for recirculation systems for empty pucks

Insertion in Puck according to Kykloo


Without format changeover parts, the bottle is centred and guided for insertion in any type of puck. The pucks are phased to grant a selective insertion in the handling station (no bottle, no puck) and individually centred with the insertion device.

  • No format changeover parts
  • Possibility of working on the same bottle line with or without puck
  • Lack of empty pucks on the line
  • Possibility to upgrade the unscrambling system to the orienting/puck inserting monoblock without modifying machine outfeed

Kykloo Technology


Our objective is to achieve complete satisfaction of customer requirements. We adopt or develop technologies and solutions able to guarantee efficiency, reduction in management costs and reliability over time

  • Complete 3D design
    Leading technologies applied for machine development
  • No low cost parts
    The highest quality of all the components used in machine production
  • Full electronic control
    Bottle movements into the machine managed by fully servo-driven mechanical systems. Bottle positioning and movement within the machine is always known and electronically controlled
  • Small footprint
    Reduced footprint to allow installation in limited spaces helping dispatch (usage of standard containers) and drastically reducing installation time for the customer.
  • Energy saving
    Reduced energy consumption through the containment of electrical consumptions and the elimination of compressed air
  • Low spare parts impact
    Machine design and construction prerogative is the great reliability and versatility towards further customer demands.

Models and Applications


Personal and beauty care

(series K, Y, W, P, and L)

Orienting monoblocks
(by adding module O)

Puck inserting monoblocks
(by adding modules O and K)

Home care and detergents

(series K, Y, W, P, and L)

Orienting monoblocks
(by adding module O)

Linear orienters (LL series)


(series K, Y, W, P, and L)

Orienting monoblocks
(by adding module O)

Low speed unscramblers (E series)


(series K, Y, W, P, and L)

Low speed unscramblers (E series)

Linear rollway feeders
(RR series)

Chemicals - Oils

(series K, Y, W, P, and L)

Orienting monoblocks
(by adding module O)

Linear orienters (LL series)

Low speed unscramblers (E series)


Caps feeders (series SC)

Caps feeding and orienting monoblocks (series SCO)

Caps feeders (series SC)

Caps feeders (series SC)

Caps feeding and orienting monoblocks (series SCO)

Caps feeders (series SC)

Caps feeders (series SC)


Trigger sorters (KZ series)

Trigger sorters (KZ series)


Stackable and unstackable products feeders (SC series)


Unscrambling systems for up to more than 300 pcs/1', all without format changeover parts (electronic changeover in 1 minute) and without any compressed air usage
Orienting monoblocks
Unscrambling and orienting monoblocks for up to more than 300 pcs/1', all without format changeover parts (electronic changeover in 1 minute) and without any compressed air usage
Puck inserting monoblocks
Unscrambling and puck inserting (open and closed pucks) monoblocks (with option for front/rear bottle orientation) for up to more than 300 pcs/1', all without format changeover parts (electronic changeover in 1 minute) and without any compressed air usage
Linear orienters
Electronic linear orienters, with camera based detection, to provide front/rear bottle orientation for speed up to more than 300 bpm
Linear rollway feeders
Linear rollway feeders, to sort and feed any type of hangable products, complete with electronic format adjustments
Low speed unscramblers
Designed for lower speeds (up to 100 pcs/1') and for standard bottles (cylindrical, easy shaped) provide an entry level mix between standard unscrambling solutions based on pockets and Kykloo innovative unscrambling technology
Caps feeders
Based on a twin centrifugal feeder provides the highest sorting solution for caps at high speed (up to 300 pcs/1') with reduced compressed air usage and easy handling of different format shapes
Caps feeding and orienting monoblocks
Based on the twin centrifugal feeder solution integrated with a camera based cap orientation detection provides the highest sorting solution for oriented caps at high speed with reduced compressed air usage and easy handling of different format shapes
Trigger sorters
Innovative trigger sorting solution for a changeoverless machine without compressed air usage for speeds up to more than 300 pcs/1'
Stackable and unstackable products feeders
Based on a twin centrifugal feeder, system provides a fully integrated system to handle all kind of products and feed them within horizontal cartoners bucket (with/without front/rear orientation); suitable for all difficult products (flow packs, syringes, droppers, cartridges, plastic ampoules) with low compressed air usage and redued format changeover


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Kykloo has changed the perspective

The system for the arrangement, orientation and insertion in puck developed and implemented by Kykloo is an important innovation in the world of plastic container management.

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The substantial innovation of the solution by Kykloo lies in the complete integration of the unscrambling, orientation and puck insertion stations into a single operating unit, unlike traditional solutions that use two or more separate machines.


The Kykloo monoblock is a compact machine of small size, which does not require complicated format changeover parts (fall channels, starwheels or transferring scrolls), with operating stations that perform the unscrambling, orientation and puck insertion cycle of the bottle in a synchronized way.


The technological innovation introduced by Kykloo is covered by a substantial number of national and international patent claims.


  • A centrifugal feeding system guarantees a continuous flow of containers to a synchronizing system whose function is to store each product in a pocket of the carousel; it comes equipped with an electromechanical reordering system."
  • In the synchronizing unit, the container is "photographed" and analyzed before being placed onto the carousel. This enables the rotating group to properly prepare itself for the management of the container, optimizing the movement within the group.
  • Container control at machine entrance is carried out with dedicated systems: from the simplest two-dimensional matrix of sensors, to the most complex camera vision system, so as to guarantee perfect recognition of the product according to its own characteristics.
    The "defective" container is simply moved to the waste area.
  • The unscrambling unit prepares the container to be placed either directly onto an output conveyor or, if provided for, into the orientation system or the puck insertion system, both positioned on axis.
    A transfering system in the outfeed of the conveyor releases the containers on the customer's belt at the desired speed.